Cool new games

Since internet is available from almost everywhere,at home,office or even at your mobile phone,online games become very popular.There are a real industry,with new and better games available every day.Of course,people want something else each time when they're looking to play free and funny games.
Bloons tower defense 4 is a new game from strategy genres which will cheer you up in just few seconds.Players must defense the tower against balloons,which are enemies.Of course,after first level,the game become harder and you will need to advance in order to unlock new features.
The graphics of this game are very straightforward and is well adapted for this type of game. You start with only a handful of tools to maintain your protection. go through strategies by choosing what type of tools or attacks are proper for a given set or kind of balloons that are heading your way. To make things more interesting, every single attack carries a matching cash value, which depends on the amount in your money bank. You can buy and place at strategic points along your map. Studying your map directly is a great idea to plan a way up ahead. It may seem at first that it is quite impossible to finish the game. But with effort and a little creativity, you can see that finishing Bloons Tower Defense 4 is possible.
Bloons delivers a fun game that youngsters and adults alike can play.